E.L.F. cosmetics – review

Hello everyone, as I have promised recently I will write about my first impression of the E.L.F cosmetic brand. I have heard a lot of positive reviews of this brand in the past and recently I got the chance to try it out. I didn’t have some high expectations I was just skeptic about the foundation color.


Like I have said in post of the choice in February I have never used primer instead I’ve used creams and CC creams for priming my face but never actually the primer. I know that green primer are good for a skin redness so I have decided to try it. I’m pretty amazed with it I must admit it. I apply it with my fingers gently massage into my skin and leave it for a few minutes to primer set it down. You can feel that your skin is soft. Love this product a lot and I’ll highly recommend it. Click here to order it.

Eyebrow pencil

I really wanted to try this eyebrow pencil with highlighter and all I can say, it’s really easy to fill your eyebrow with it the color is warm brown. I didn’t like the sharpener because you can’t really sharp the pencil with it I have separated sharper for all of my makeup pencils. Over all product is good. Click here or here to order it.

Foundation (color Sand)

The most fear I had if this is the right color for my skin tone. I like that this foundation has SPF 15 especially for summer, even it would be good to use sun cream all year long. On the bottle you have suggestion to put foundation every 2 hours but I didn’t have to one I put it on my face it stays there all day long. If you use silicon sponge I need it like one and half pump to cover all of my face. I didn’t get flour effect of this product and I love it. Highly recommend it, to order click here or here .

Beautifully Bare, Blush, Peach Perfection

I must say I love this blush it gives your face such natural look and the peach color is perfect on my skin tone. I love that gives the natural and healthy look. It is really easy to apply it. I apply with the brush and positive thing is that you don’t need much of the product small amount is just fine. Click here or here to order it.

Make up mist & set

Lately I have seen  that these kinds of products are very popular so I wanted to give it a chance to see if I would like it. I was quite surprised with it. It really sets my makeup, it doesn’t have some smell that I’ll say I love it. I got the feeling that makes especially my eye makeup. Small amount is just OK, to order click here or here.

If you want to order all of these products click here.

I must say I was impressed to see that all of my makeup came in these little boxes it gives more sophisticated look. When you compare price and the value I think this is a very good drugstore product and the prices are really good. I gave E.L.F. cosmetics a really big thumps up and I can’t see more of their products in the future.

You can see all this on my face in this post:

February post of choice

Did you try E.L.F cosmetics? Do you have any favorites?

Until next time XOXO 😉


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