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​ Autumn colors lipsticks

Everybody has favorites products of the month so, I’ve decided to make my lipsticks products of the Autumn. How do I decide to choose between lipstick color? Most of the time I made a choice according to the weather on that day. Usually, when outside is a sunny day I pick the brighter shimmer color, […]

Daily Look

When I’m looking today at girls, one part of them very often known to overdo with the makeup. Also, some girls who wear glasses ask them selfs can I put eyeliner or mascara. Yes, of course, you can I love my glasses and wear them I wouldn’t replace them for anything! You can notice that […]

Beauty box !

In Croatia has started with delivering first beauty boxes. The first who has started with delivery them from 1st of November are portal zena.hr. Recently I have registered on that portal, I have been looking for a company that could understand me and that I can be myself (not only with my boyfriend). The minute […]

Makeup brushes

What’s up people, here am I today and I will write about makeup brushes that works for me. You could see in previous posts that I have very dry and sensitive skin, so I must be extra careful. My favorite brands of brushes are Ecobella and Real Techniques. I hate when the brush pokes me […]

Curly hair care

Hello there, my blog readers! 🙂 I have curly hair, but recently I have learned how to take care of it. In my family everybody have straight or short hair so, I was researching for months. I have added raw coconut oil in my care hair routine, for me works in two ways. One way […]

My autumn look

These days everybody talk about autumn looks. Internet is full the colors that are IN this season. Then, I have decided to make my daily autumn look. When I do my makeup routine I always start with my eyes. I love my blue eye with my smokey brown look. I have used my Make Up […]

Mixa Cleansing Milk review

French Mixa brand (btw. L’oreal brand) was originally founded as pharmaceutical, cosmetics focused exclusively on sensitive kids’ skin. Recently I’ve bought Mixa Cleansing Milk for sensitive skin with rose extract. The first thing that attracted me to this product is the beautiful packaging with a pump at the top, so not a lot of products […]

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